Congratulations to Cherie Jia & Jamie Beaton

This article in the Herald highlights the achievements Cherie Jia, a member of this year’s New Zealand Biology Olympiad team. The team is currently in Aarhus, Denmark, competing against over 60 countries at the International Biology Olympiad. The article talks about how Cherie has been accepted into Caltech in the US to study Biomedical Engineering. It also talks about her volunteer work with Auckland Cerebral Palsy School. NZIBO is very proud of Cherie and of all our wonderful young alumni.

The article also celebrates the work of Jamie Beaton, another NZIBO alumnus. Jamie co-founded Crimson Consulting whilst studying at Harvard University in the US, to help young people navigate the international application processes if they want to study  abroad. Crimson offers tutoring, mentoring, and help with goal setting. Like NZIBO,  Crimson is committed to ensuring our brightest young students have access to a world of opportunities.

Fierce dedication sees doors open to Ivy League