Registration for the 2018-19 Programme

The 30th International Biology Olympiad (IBO) will be held in Hungary in July 2019, and New Zealand’s International Biology Olympiad (NZIBO) committee will again be entering a team.

Registrations are now closed.

The national entrance examination to select students to participate in the NZIBO training programme will be held on the fifth Wednesday of Term 3, the 22nd August 2018. The examination will test thinking skills not curriculum specific knowledge (similar to the ICAS Australian Science exam).

A group of about 200 students who have shown outstanding ability in this exam will be awarded a Bronze certificate and then take part in our tutorial programme. Online support will be provided to these students using Education Perfect and MasteringBiology resources. The tutorial programme runs from September until April of the following year. The tutorials are designed to foster academic excellence in Biology and to help the students prepare for the Camp Selection Exam. This exam is held on the fifth Wednesday of Term 1. In 2019, this will be the 27th of February.

A group of 20-25 students will then be chosen to attend the Practical Training Camp in the holidays at the end of Term 1, 2019. These students will receive a Silver certificate. Those who are chosen for the training camp will have e-mentors to guide them through the preparation that is needed for the Olympiad. Students will have the opportunity to meet and study with leading NZ biologists and companies at the camp. At the end of this camp a team of 4 students will be selected to represent NZ at the 30th IBO in Hungary.

Participation in the NZIBO training programme is recognised by universities in New Zealand and overseas as a sign of academic excellence. NZIBO alumni hold a wide variety of scholarships at universities, both here in New Zealand and overseas.

All students are encouraged to register for this competition. Students attending the IBO in July 2019 must meet specific criteria:
(1) are born on the 1st of July or later of the actual IBO year minus twenty.
(2) be in full-time attendance at a secondary school in NZ.
(3) have attended school in NZ for at least 2 years.
(4) have not already participated twice in the IBO.
(4) have not obtained a diploma allowing study at a university or equivalent institution before the 1st of January of the actual competition year.
(5) have not yet started study at a university or equivalent institution as regular or full time students.

In addition, candidates should have a strong interest in Biology and the perseverance necessary to carry out the extra study required for the IBO during the period September 2018 to July 2019. They will also need to gain a thorough knowledge of the textbook “Biology” (Campbell & Reece, 1200 pages).

There is a registration fee of $30 per student.

However, in the first year that a school enrols students in the NZIBO, all students that year are eligible for half price registration. If your school has previously entered the NZIBO it will be listed here.

Last day for registration is Friday 3 August and NO LATE ENTRIES can be accepted.

Payment must be received by August 8th at the latest to confirm registration.

Email contact for questions regarding registrations:

A quick guide about NZIBO can be found below:

NZIBO Quick Guide 2017.18